Vedanta means absolute lightforce. It is the lightforce of the future present
within its past. The past is self-luminous as Veda with the time multiplier that
forces the light of the space within its future to evolve and differentiate into
different forms over time. Each of these forms is present today, as it was in
the past and will be in the future, among different groups and geographies
within and without India. The future is anta, the end of the past.
As a philosophy, Vedanta has made Indian society conscious that the reality
one sees and experiences is partial. To realize whole, one must be mindful of
the brahman, the universe which universalizes Vedanta through
endoreproduction of the continuity of the space within Vedas for their further
development. Eventually, time, with its discontinuity, will end the primacy of
Vedas in the philosophy of India at the end of Kal Yuga.
Vedanta is the causation that will cause a new metaphysics to be illuminated
which will guide everyone that lights the universe with a clarified
consciousness of reality at the onset of Sat Yuga on July 1, 2032. Everyone
is waiting for that moment of time which is not very far away, now that the
question about the evolution with an implicit awareness of the revolution has
emerged in the mind.

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