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My teaching pedagogy is based on several building blocks:

a) Use of learning groups: Students do a variety of course assignments and projects as part of their learning groups. . A sample student comment: "Gupta had us do three presentations/projects throughout the semester, and I felt these were the most helpful to learning the concepts. Also I liked how we did not have to pick our group, and we stayed in the group for the entire semester."

b) Use of examples: I illustrate the concepts with real-life examples, to help students appreciate the versatility with which management concepts can be applied and adapted to various situations. A sample student comment: "you do a great job recapping each subject and trying to incorporate everyday life examples into the demonstrations. I really enjoyed your class. He really makes you think about the subject on a greater level. Thanks so much for your help."

c) Use of videos: I use the videos related to the cultural and business practices in different regions of the world. A sample student comment: "I like the movies that backed up the concepts learned in the given class period. The projects also helped apply the concepts across the different chapters."

d) Use of case presentations: I complement each major concept session with a case session, to help students learn the application of the concepts in an integrative setting. A sample student comment: "Presentations contributed to my learning applied concepts learned in class."

e) Use of technology: I create class participation forum in the discussion board, for disussing topics of current interest . A sample student comment: "Awesome powerpoints. Upbeat classroom environment. Obvious that he loves his job. Extremely responsive to students, almost immediately replies to emails and blackboard discussions."

f) Use of practicum projects: Many students have limited or no experiential exposure to the strategy and international concepts. A sample student comment: "He did a good job creating projects that allowed us to apply what we have learned in class. He also gave good examples using real life situations. The movies and activities helped in understanding the concepts."

g) Use of games and stories: I use some games for cross-cultural exposure and understanding of abstract strategic concepts. A sample student comment: "I like the international flavor of having an instructor from abroad teach. More fun games."

h) Use of additional resources: I selectively use my own writings on certain concepts, as well as examples of how the concepts should be applied as illustrated by other experts. A sample student comment: "Gives tremendous amounts of additional information to correlate with the textbooks (i.e. powerpoint slides and other readings). Extremely diverse in many areas. We learned a lot from his GLOBE studies. Always positive and smiling."

i) Use of outside class meetings: I make myself available to the students for discussions and meetings outside the class. A sample student comment: "Dr. Gupta is very helpful in working with students outside the classroom, and gives excellent feedback on assignments and discussion topics."

j) Celebrating the potential of students: I strive to find opportunities to celebrate the talent and the potential of students. For instance, I published an article on the Grand Rapids Furniture Cluster co-authored with the policy class students, based on the course projects conducted by them. A sample student comment: "He is very well informed and a challenging professor which is good and bad. Yes, he is hard and the class is difficult but it helps contribute to my overall learning. Many students complained about the excessive work but it was better than just 'flying by' in the class."