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Honors, Distinctions & Grants
Honors and Distinctions

----- Principal co-author/co-editor of seminal GLOBE article and book reporting findings of 62 nation cross-cultural study.

-----1-year best dissertation proposal award to visit Japan from Japan Foundation.

----- Research Fellow Sponsorship at University of Tokyo by Masaru Yoshitomi, Ex- Director-General Economic Planning Agency.

----- 4.0/4.0 GPA in M.A. International Management at Wharton.

----- Gold Medal for outstanding scholastic performance at Indian Institute of Management -Ahmedabad and Two Annual Scholarship Awards.

----- III Rank in Delhi University; Annual Scholarship Awards.

----- III Rank in All India in Final Examination; Prize for outstanding performance.

Grants and Scholarships

---National Talent Search Scholarship, Government of India, 1984-1990

---Industrial Scholarships, Indian Institute of Management, 1988-1990.

---Japan Foundation fellowship (approx. $50,000 tax free) received for conducting field research in Japan for Ph.D., 1994-1995.

---Summer research grants, Fordham University (totaling approx. $30,000), 1998-2002.

---Development grant, Marsh & Mclennan Companies ($28,000), 1999

---Research grant, National Science Foundation ($18,000) through Globe Research and Educational Foundation, 2000-2004.

---Research Grant, Family-owned Business Institute ($2,500), 2004-2005