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Professor Vipin Gupta is a Principal Co-investigator of the GLOBE program (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness), involving collaboration of 170 investigators in 62 nations for the study of culture, leadership styles, and organizational performance. As a Principal of the GLOBE project, he is a winner of the coveted 2005 Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace from Society for Industrial Organization Psychologists, USA.

Professor Gupta has a Ph.D. in management (1998) from the Wharton School, followed by a Post-doc position (1999-2003). As part of his Ph.D. dissertation at the Wharton School, he researched Japanese techniques, technology, and FDI management, and developed a dynamic mathematical model for measuring a unit of technological growth. He has a highly distinguished academic background. He has been a Government of India National Talent Search Scholar (1984-90), All-India merit rank holder in the Central Board of Secondary Education Class XII Examination (1985), All-india prize-winning rank holder in the examination by the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (1988), a top rank holder in B.Com. (Hons) at the University of Delhi (1988), a gold medalist rank holder at Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad (1990), and a best dissertation proposal award winner and research scholar at the University of Tokyo (1994-95). He was also a finalist in the worldwide competition conducted by the United Nations on the Cultural Origins of Variations in Development (1995).

Professor Gupta has taught Strategy and international businesss at undergraduate and graduate levels at Fordham University (1997-2003) and Grand Valley State University (2003-2004), and at several business schools in India (1999-2003). He has also offered research methods and case writing programs at the doctorate and faculty level in several business schools in India. He has offered several training programs and workshops on strategic planning and cross-cultural management to senior executives and administrators in the US and India.

His research has been in three major areas: (1) strategic management, entrepreneurship, and leadership; (2) cross-cultural research, and (3) technology, techniques, and FDI. He has published two Sage books on the theme of strategic management, performance, and leadership in the emerging markets. These are: Creating Performing Organizations (Sage India, 2003) and Transformative Organizations (Sage India, 2004). He has also authored the seminal internationally acclaimed GLOBE book on cross-cultural research: Cultures, Leadership and Organizations - The GLOBE study of 62 societies (Sage USA, 2004). His pioneering contributions to the book include power distance, industry vs. society influences on culture, cultural and climatic clusters, and the unobtrusive and outcropping measures of societal culture constructs. In addition, Prentice Hall of India is publishing a comprehensive India-focused textbook authored by him - Business Policy and Strategic Management: Text and Cases - in 2005.

Dr. Gupta has published a number of refereed articles in leading international journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Research in Organizational Behavior, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management, Multinational Business Review, Journal of World Business, Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, Journal of Case Studies, Advances in Global Leadership, Management Review, and The Asia Pacific Journal of Economics and Business. He has also presented papers in several conferences around the world, including Academy of Management, IFSAM, EGOS, SIOP, Global Entrepreneurship Conference, and Hawaii International Conference. He has been a Keynote speaker in many conferences in India.

Dr. Gupta has received several research grants, including from the National Science Foundation ($18,000 through GLOBE Research and Educational Foundation) and Japan Foundation ($50,000 for Ph.D. research in Japan). He received a $30,000 grant from Marsh and Mclennan Companies for "Business Opportunities in India" program at the Fordham University. As the Director of this program, he organized the visits of Indian faculty and students to the US, and of the American faculty and students to India; and led joint Indo-US community service projects.

Professor Gupta is the Director of the Globe India Development Center, a network of business schools all over India who are studying values, effectiveness, and change management styles of the CEOs in different states of India. He has offered courses and workshops at more than 20 b-schools and universities in India. He has been the founding editor of IBAT Journal of Management, and a reviewer for many international journals and international conferences. He has also worked with the Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center (SBTDC) in outreach activities involving student team-led consulting to the small business clients.